You Don't Want to Miss the PokerStars Carnival Series Mystery Bounty Main Events

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PokerStars Carnival Series

Mystery bounty tournaments are a caller format astatine PokerStars, but you would ne'er cognize based connected nan size of nan Carnival Series Main Events that tally complete nan weekend. Three No-Limit Hold'em and 1 Pot-Limit Omaha Mystery Bounty Main Events shuffle up and woody connected February 4; they travel pinch combined guaranteed prize pools worthy $2,350,000!

The 3 No-Limit Hold'em Mystery Bounty Main Events travel successful buy-ins of $11, $109, and $1,050, which person guarantees worthy $250,000, $1,250,000, and $750,000, respectively. Those 3 events commence astatine 5:30 p.m. GMT connected February 4.

Thirty-five minutes later, PLO specialists person their ain $215 buy-in, $100,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty Main Event.

How Do Mystery Bounty Tournaments Work astatine PokerStars?

PokerStars Mystery Bounty tournaments play for illustration a regular tourney until nan money places are reached. At this point, immoderate money successful nan bounty prize excavation is divvied up into enigma bounties. You get to unfastened a enigma bounty letter cover erstwhile you bust an in-the-money player. Eliminating an force earlier nan regular prize excavation bubble bursts does successful receiving a enigma bounty.

The enigma bounty prize excavation increases pinch each caller entrant aliases re-entry, meaning nan enigma bounty prizes are not revealed until precocious registration closes.

PokerStars' strategy differs from that of 888poker. At 888poker, nan enigma bounty prize excavation remains static, and nan largest bounties are displayed successful nan lobby. Furthermore, nan enigma bounties travel into play astatine 888poker aft a predetermined unsighted level, not erstwhile nan players are successful nan money. Be alert of these differences if you are utilized to playing enigma bounty tournaments astatine 888poker and person decided to give PokerStars a spin.

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Breaking Down nan PokerStars Carnival Series Mystery Bounty Main Events

The 3 No-Limit Hold'em tournaments shuffle up and woody astatine 5:30 p.m. GMT connected February 4, and span crossed 2 days. The $11 and $109 buy-in editions region aft 7 hours and 55 minutes of play earlier resuming astatine 5:30 p.m. GMT connected February 5.

Day 1 of nan $1,050 No-Limit Hold'em arena continues until nan money places are reached, pinch surviving players returning to nan virtual felt astatine 5:30 p.m. GMT connected February 5.

The PLO Mystery Bounty Main Event is simply a one-day tournament. A $109 buy-in, $30,000 guaranteed PLO Mystery Bounty arena ran during nan caller New Year Series Afterparty; it attracted 395 entrants and took astir 8 hours to conclude, which gives you immoderate denotation of what to expect from this $215 version.

EventStarting StackBlind LevelsLate RegistrationRe-Entries
$11 NLHE50,00015 mins4 hoursUp to three
$109 NLHE100,00020 mins5 hoursUp to three
$1,050 NLHE100,00020 mins4 hours 35 minsUp to three
$215 PLO100,00012 mins3 hours 45 minsUp to three

Satellites From Only $1.45

Players wanting to flex successful nan $11 No-Limit Hold'em Carnival Series Mystery Bounty Main Event tin triumph their measurement into nan tourney for only $1.45. Those $1.45 buy-in satellites are 16-player beryllium & spell shootouts.

Those players wishing to play accepted multi-table tourney satellites tin still triumph their measurement into these Main Events for a fraction of nan advertised buy-in because they person a scope of buy-ins starting astatine a specified $2.20.

Sorry, PLO players, but location are presently nary Pot-Limit Omaha satellites feeding into nan four-card Main Event, truthful you'll person to stump up $215 if you want to play.

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PokerStars players pinch Power Path passes tin redeem them for online tourney tickets that are eligible to beryllium utilized successful Carnival Series events.

Redeem your Bronze Pass for a $109 summons for nan $1,250,000 guaranteed NLHE Mystery Bounty Main Event.

Silver Passes tin beryllium exchanged for a summons bundle worthy $2,500, while those fortunate capable to person a Gold Pass successful their possession tin redeem it for a $10,300 summons package.

Silver Pass Ticket Package

  • 4x $215 tickets
  • 6x $109 tickets
  • 8x $55 tickets
  • 15x $22 tickets
  • 18x $11 tickets
  • $18 worthy of tourney dollars

Gold Pass Ticket Package

  • 3x $1,050 tickets
  • 6x $530 tickets
  • 22x $109 tickets
  • 20x $55 tickets
  • 20x $22 tickets
  • $32 worthy of tourney dollars

There's More to nan Carnival Series Than nan Main Events

Although nan Carnival Series Main Events person nan biggest guarantees of nan remaining tournaments, location are still over 60 events taking spot betwixt February 2-5. They travel pinch buy-ins from $2.20 to $1,050, and boast guarantees from $4,000 to $200,000, giving you ample opportunities to pad your bankroll during nan first week of February.

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