WATCH: PokerNews Podcast w/Daniel Negreanu vs. Alexandra Botez & Robbi Jade Lew Winning

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In nan 823rd section of nan PokerNews Podcast, which is sponsored by Global Poker, Chad Holloway, Mike Holtz & Kyna England travel to you from Level 9 Studios successful Las Vegas to talk nan latest poker news, stories, and gossip.

That includes a look astatine Jason Koon's exuberant entranceway astatine Triton Poker, Daniel Negreanu winning his second awesome tourney of nan year, and Alexandra Botez becoming nan latest GGPoker Ambassador. Also, spot Negreanu beryllium down pinch Botez while playing heads-up poker and discussing her caller role.

The unit besides talk astir nan PLO show presently taking spot astatine PokerGO Studio, why Mike is unhappy pinch nan WSOP Circuit Horseshoe Las Vegas, and Robbi Jade Lew winning a broadside event astatine nan recently-completed World Poker Tour (WPT) Rolling Thunder.

Finally, get a sensation of PokerNews' caller podcast show Life Outside Poker hosted by Connor Richards, who welcomed Farah Galfond arsenic nan show's first guest.

Did you cognize nan PokerNews Podcast is nary longer conscionable audio? That's right, we've added a video show arsenic good that you tin position connected the PokerNews YouTube Channel.

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