"Sheglov" Stages Epic Comeback in the 888poker Mystery Bounty Main Event Title

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888poker Mystery Bounty Festival

Ukraine's "Sheglov" could beryllium forgiven if they were down successful nan dumps astir limping their measurement to nan last array of nan $300,000 guaranteed 888poker Mystery Bounty Main Event pinch only a 10 large unsighted stack. Having specified a short stack put subordinate astatine a chopped disadvantage erstwhile there's large money astatine stake.

However, little than 2.5 hours aft sitting down pinch a little past optimal stack, "Sheglov" was nan past subordinate standing, completing an epic comeback for nan ages, and capturing nan title and $34,836 successful prize money!

$300,000 Mystery Bounty Festival Main Event Final Table Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChipsBig BlindsBounties
6CPU0r 1,372,10027$15,675
7Leo "KaizenStyle" JokuraBrazil1,133,21522$7,687

Romania's "MMDpoker1" had a last array to forget. They recovered themselves astatine nan apical of nan spot counts erstwhile each Day 1s were completed, and were astatine nan top of nan heap astatine nan commencement of nan last table's action. However, "MMDpoker1" completed a disappointing hat-trick of firsts by being nan first finalist retired of nan door.

There were informing signs that it was not going to beryllium "MMDpoker1"'s time early into nan last day. "kellerassel0" limped successful for 60,000 from nan mini unsighted pinch pouch threes, "MMDpoker1" raised to 180,000 pinch king-ten of hearts successful nan large unsighted earlier calling nan 1,760,376 shove from "kellerassel0". A 10 connected nan flop looked to person extended nan Romanian's lead, but moving cards improved "kellerassel0" to an improbable wheel straight.

"MMDpoker1" mislaid different chunk of their stack tangling pinch 888poker Stream Team personnel Leo "KaizenStyle" Jokura, and "Sheglov" doubled done them pinch pouch threes against queen-jack.

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The past of nan "MMDpoker1"'s chips went into nan mediate nan manus aft nan "Sheglov" double-up. "kellerassel0" raised to 126,000 pinch ace-queen from nether nan gun, "MMDpoker1" called pinch queen-six of hearts from nan adjacent spot along, and nan flop fell five-nine-jack. Both players checked, starring to a queen landing connected nan turn. With nan cookware astatine 402,000 and "MMDpoker1" having only 880,303 chips behind, it was evident nan erstwhile spot leader was going to beryllium all-in. That is precisely what happened, and they busted erstwhile they grounded to find a six connected nan move aliases river.

Jokura was 2nd successful chips erstwhile "MMDpoker1" busted, yet they would go nan seventh-place finisher. After min-raising to 200,000 from precocious position pinch pouch queens, Jokura called nan 2,984,550 shove from "Sheglov," made from nan mini unsighted pinch ace-four of diamonds. It was a unusual play from "Sheglov" but 1 that paid disconnected because an ace appeared connected nan flop, leaving Jokura drafting to 1 retired because different subordinate had folded a queen. Unsurprisingly, nan lawsuit queen did not appear, Jokura busted successful seventh, and "Sheglov" soared to nan apical of nan spot counts by immoderate distance.

888poker regular "CPU0r" collapsed retired successful sixth for a full prize worthy $21,061, having collected a $12,000 bounty connected Day 2. Their past action successful nan Mystery Bounty Festival Main Event was to three-bet all-in from nan mini unsighted for 1,767,200 pinch king-ten of spades aft "kellerassel0" had min-raised to 240,000 successful nan cutoff. "kellerassel0" called pinch ace-king, which held to trim nan subordinate count by one.

The last 5 became 4 pinch nan untimely demise of "AnitaKiraly." After paying nan blinds, "AnitaKiraly" was near pinch little than 1.5 large blinds. They much than doubled their stack pinch pouch tens, but nan penning was still connected nan wall. The past of their chips went into nan mediate pinch king-queen, which mislaid to nan ace-ten of "kellerassel0".

"kellerassel0" now held 8.7 cardinal chips, pinch their nearest rival sat down 3.7 million. You would deliberation nan spot leader would sail done to nan heads-up stage, but you would person thought wrong.

Having seen their stack dwindle a little, past suffer a immense cookware pinch six-five of clubs versus nan pouch aces of "QdEqTeCalaz," "kellerassel0" four-bet all-in for 18 large blinds pinch ace-queen successful a conflict of nan blinds against "doga10." "doga10" snap-called pinch nan dominating ace-king. Their king-kicker played, and that was each she wrote for "kellerassel0."

The $300,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty Festival Main Event progressed to heads-up erstwhile "QdEqTeCalaz" was eliminated. With blinds of 100,000/200,000/25,000a, "QdEqTeCalaz" min-raised pinch ace-ten, "doga10" three-bet to 1,000,000 pinch pouch kings, only for "QdEqTeCalaz" to jam for 4,170,832 successful total. "doga10" instantly called, faded 3 outs, and sent "QdEqTeCalaz" location successful third.

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"doga10" held a 10,912,724 to 5,057,726 lead complete "Sheglov" but nan second had already shown they could conflict backmost from nan brink of defeat. The spot lead changed hands respective times during nan hour-long one-on-one battle, but "Sheglov" began forging a lead for themselves. By nan clip nan last manus occurred, "Sheglov" had much an an eight-to-one advantage.

The last manus saw "Sheglov" min-raise to 700,000 earlier calling nan 1,667,329 shove from "doga10." "Sheglov" turned complete ace-jack, which was up against king-four. Two jacks connected nan flop talented "Sheglov" trips. An 8 connected nan move near "doga10" drafting dead.

"doga10" took location $23,379 for their efforts, while "Sheglov," nan champion, banked $34,836.

$300,000 Mystery Bounty Festival Main Event Final Table Results

RankPlayerCountryBountiesPrizeTotal Prize
6CPU0r $15,675$5,386$21,061

Full 888poker Mystery Bounty Festival Numbered Events Results

Check retired nan afloat results from each 26 numbered events that made up nan bustling schedule of nan 888poker Mystery Bounty Festival. More than 2 twelve players padded their bankrolls pinch sizeable sums, were you among them?

EventBuy-inEntrantsPrize PoolChampionPrize
#1 – Mystery Bounty Opening Mini$111,948$19,480blackday1997$1,822
#2 – Mystery Bounty Opening Mid$55859$42,950Alysson1994$4,693
#3 – Mystery Bounty Opening$1091,171$120,000LODDENThinks$9,620
#4 – Mystery Bounty 6-Max Mini$111,241$12,140SaintGoal$1,416
#5 – Mystery Bounty 6-Max$55337$16,850swig207$2,965
#6 – Mystery Bounty Mid$16.50892$13,380AAGrimnir$1,441
#7 – Mystery Bounty Mini$8.80795$6,3601bravo90$648
#8 – Mystery Bounty$55291$15,000Alysson1994$3,878
#9 – Mystery Bounty Mini$111,261$12,610PaiDeTodos$1,459
#10 – Mystery Bounty$33420$12,600winsistente$2,685
#11 – Mystery Bounty Turbo Deep$55285$14,250Allejo7$2,032
#12 – Mystery Bounty Turbo Deep Mini$5.501,088$5,440WeemarkCug1$514
#13 – Mystery Bounty Mini$111,364$13,640TiltingDaisy$1,362
#14 – Mystery Bounty$109137$13,700rekych.kg$2,876
#15 – PLO Mystery Bounty$11234$2,340aduandrei$457
#16 – Mystery Bounty 6-Max$55268$13,400zxcdsaqwe$3,052
#17 – Mystery Bounty 6-Max Mini$22535$10,700Jaote23$1,323
#18 – Mystery Bounty Mini$111,854$18,540cmsRio$1,753
#19 – Mystery Bounty$55815$40,750MikiDave$3,857
#20 – Mystery Bounty High$109372$37,200Came2click$6,340
#21 – Mystery Bounty Big aliases Small$111,201$12,010Thiago_ricci$1,293
#22 – Mystery Bounty Big aliases Small$22580$11,600Jacquespaul$1,561
#23 – Mystery Bounty Mini Main Event$252,736$62,928Timotobias$3,871
#24 – Mystery Bounty Main Event$2151,597$319,400Sheglov$34,836
#25 – Mystery Bounty Closing Event$111,173$11,730Mivsgl222$1,107
#26 – Mystery Bounty Closing Event$55284$15,000Wlquelele$2,018
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