Daniel Lowery Caps Off Career Year With WPT Seniors Win Just Weeks After His 50th

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Daniel Lowery

Seniors tournaments sewage a batch much difficult erstwhile Daniel Lowery turned 50 connected November 25, and it didn’t return agelong earlier he stacked nan age-restricted section for yet different poker accolade successful his hard-charging career.

By winning nan WPT $10,000 Seniors NLH High Roller conscionable weeks aft his 50th birthday, Lowery apt became 1 of nan youngest players to ever triumph an over-50 event. He defeated different acquainted look connected nan scene, Judy Bielan, an accomplished subordinate successful her ain correct pinch good complete $500K successful tourney net and a agelong database of cashes connected nan WSOP Circuit and passim Florida successful 2023.

The triumph — wherever Lowery hit retired a section of 162 runners to return location $394,636 — was besides nan largest people of his career, but it’s nary astonishment to those who person spent clip astir 1 of poker’s roadworthy warriors.

The large prize sent Lowery complete $3 cardinal successful earnings, according to nan Hendon Mob, and it came conscionable a week aft his 18th-place decorativeness successful nan $1,100 WPT Prime Championship for $53,500. It besides caps disconnected different banner twelvemonth for nan walking subordinate who gets it done successful some ample buy-ins and small.

Lowery started nan twelvemonth pinch a six-figure triumph successful nan $500 Gargantuan astatine nan WSOP Circuit extremity successful Durant, Oklahoma, wherever he picked up his 11th ringing pinch nan triumph — his first of 4 connected nan year, and $102,511.

His adjacent five-figure people came successful March successful nan $800 Main Event successful nan Togel Vietnam extremity astatine nan Bay Area’s Graton Casino. Lowery picked up $88,870 for his second-place decorativeness connected a circuit wherever he has go a regular look nationwide.

Daniel Lowery’s Big Scores successful 2023


December 2023WPT $10K Seniors High Roller1621$394,636
January 2023$500 The Gargantuan, WSOPC Durant1,6271$102,511
March 2023$800 RGPS Graton Main Event1,0432$88,870
December 2023$1,100 WPT Prime Championship10,51218$53,500
September 2023$1,700 WSOPC Council Bluffs Main Event3523$51,838
May 2023$400 NLH, WSOPC Cherokee2,2323$47,818
June 2023$1,000 WSOP Super Turbo Bounty2,8246$45,741

Lowery’s adjacent WSOPC rings came successful April connected nan world circuit successful St. Maarten, wherever he won a $300 turbo ringing arena for $8,500, and astatine nan Tunica stop, wherever he won nan $400 opener for $16,739. He followed that up pinch a third-place decorativeness successful a $400 arena astatine WSOPC Cherokee successful North Carolina earlier he spent portion of nan summertime successful Las Vegas for nan WSOP. Lowery cashed 4 times astatine nan 2023 series, finishing up pinch a sixth-place tally successful nan $1,000 Super Turbo Bounty for $45,741.

He deed nan roadworthy again aft nan bid and continued to move complete cashes astatine RGPS events and connected nan WSOP circuit. It was nan precocious August WSOPC extremity astatine nan Bay Area’s Graton Casino wherever Lowery won his 14th ringing successful nan $1,125 PLO tourney earlier he went to Baltimore and picked up different RGPS ringing successful nan $400 bounty arena during a extremity successful September.

Daniel LoweryDaniel Lowery astatine a RunGood Poker Series stop.

After Baltimore, he went to Council Bluffs, Iowa for a third-place decorativeness successful nan Main Event of that WSOP circuit stop, and past he returned to Graton successful October to triumph different RGPS ringing successful Big O. Lowery radiated successful a fewer much cashes astatine nan WSOPC stops successful Durant, Lake Tahoe, and astatine Cherokee earlier he returned to Las Vegas for nan WPT World Championship series.

The $53,500 decorativeness successful nan WPT Prime Championship would person been a awesome measurement to headdress disconnected nan twelvemonth for anybody, but nan Seniors arena title and astir $400K is an exclamation people connected different awesome twelvemonth for Lowery, who has go a hallmark of consistency and friendliness wherever he goes.

Lead photograph courtesy of WPT and Wynn Poker.

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