Swedes Dominate the $5,200 PokerStars Titans Event

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The $5,200 Titans Event is 1 of nan toughest online poker tournaments PokerStars runs. The precocious buy-in usually results successful an all-star formed featuring immoderate of nan biggest names successful nan manufacture fighting it retired for a adjacent six-figure score. This play Titans Event drew successful 73 entrants, who created a $365,000 prize pool; Swedish players walked distant pinch much than $123,000 of nan pot.

Only 9 players received a portion of nan pie, and 3 of those telephone Sweden home. After Jakob "Succeeed" Miegel, Rodrigo "SELOUAN1991" Selouan, "Phemo," and "CPUrul0r" collapsed out, each 3 Swedes that reached nan last array were still successful pinch a shout.

The elimination of Simon "C. Darwin2" Mattsson successful fifth, a decorativeness worthy $31,005, reduced nan Swedish count by one, but some "mamamamama70" and Niklas "Lena900" Astedt were still going strong.

Lithuanian grinder Gediminas "Gedis92" Uselis bowed retired successful 4th earlier Ramiro "ramastar88" Petrone saw his latest heavy tally extremity successful a third-place finish.

The heads-up Swedish duo struck a deal, resulting successful almost $10,000 being removed from first spot and awarded to second. Astedt yet vanished arsenic nan runner-up and won $83,707 leaving Astedt's chap countryman to scoop nan title and $88,599.

$5,200 Titans Event Final Table Results

2Niklas "Lena900" AstedtSweden$83,707*
3Ramiro "ramastar88" PetroneUruguay$55,268
4Gediminas "Gedis92" UselisLithuania$41,395
5Simon "C. Darwin2" MattssonSweden$31,005
8Rodrigo "SELOUAN1991" SelouanBrazil$13,028
9Jakob "Succeeed" MiegelAustria$11,379

*reflects a heads-up deal

Leonard Maue Takes Down a $200K Gtd Carnival Series Event

Leonard MaueLeonard Maue

Leonard "Grozzorg" Maue helped himself to a $39,729 people and nan title of champion by taking down nan Carnival Series 49-H: $1,050 NLHE 8-Max Semi-Turbo. A section of 199 entrants battled it retired for nan lion's stock of nan $200,000 prize pool.

Tam PokerStars' Parker "tonkaaaa" Talbot was nan unfortunate psyche who popped nan money bubble. Talbot's untimely demise locked successful immoderate prize money for nan likes of Gavin "gavz101" Cochrane, Patrick "thebigdog09" Brooks, and Jon "apestyles" Van Fleet.

Five of nan 9 finalists secured five-figure payouts; "Hendurr," Dominykas "Mikensonas" Mikolaitis, "13santoy13" and Costa Rica-based Dutchman Joris "BillLewinsky" Ruijs being those who missed retired connected a $10,000+ prize.

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Austrian "ibotown" fell successful third, pinch "al_capone23" and Klemens "klem90" Roiter joining them connected nan sidelines, and leaving Maue heads-up against Niklas "Lena900" Astedt, who had earlier vanished 2nd successful nan $5,200 Titans Event.

Astedt had to make do pinch his 2nd bridesmaid decorativeness of nan night, his second-place haul weighing successful astatine $29,641. Maue walked distant nan triumph and pinch $39,729 to show for his efforts.

Carnival Series 49-H: $1,050 NLHE Final Table Results

1Leonard "Grozzorg" MaueAustria$39,729
2Niklas "Lena900" AstedtSweden$29,641
3Klemens "klem90" RoiterAustria$22,114
6Joris "BillLewinsky" RuijsCosta Rica$9,183
8Dominykas "Mikensonas" MikolaitisLithuania$5,111

Other PokerStars Results

"luckyfluke" turned $530 into $44,046 by being nan past subordinate opinionated successful a 7-Max PKO Carnival Series event. This was nan largest azygous haul astatine PokerStars extracurricular nan Titans Event.

"OliveWaguy" will everlastingly beryllium known arsenic nan Carnival Series Pot-Limit Omaha Mystery Bounty Main Event champion. They banked $9,148 for outlasting 612 opponents and had that prize boosted by $3,803 worthy of enigma bounty payments.

The 3 No-Limit Hold'em Mystery Bounty Main Events reason connected February 5, truthful return to PokerNews connected February 6 to observe who took those down.

EventEntrantsPrize PoolChampionPrize
$530 Carnival Series 7-Max PKO466$233,000luckyfluke$44,046*
$530 Carnival Series The Acai352$176,000yipyiphupbup$29,860*
$109 Carnival Series NLHE1,784$178,40020Bi$26,938
$1,050 Sunday High Roller97$97,000Phemo$25,628*
$530 Bounty Builder267$133,500Pharmatrader$24,449*
$109 Carnival Series Fenomeno1,284$128,400Julien "Stroposoz" Achard-Stropoli$20,069
$109 Sunday Cooldown747$80,000Dowgh-Santos$14,940*
$215 Sunday StacKOsaurus346$69,200Chipz4J$13,301*
$215 Carnival Series Mystery Bounty PLO Main Event613$122,600OliveWaguy$12,951*
$1,050 Sunday Warm-Up36$36,000Sintoras$12,655
$109 Sunday Kickoff585$58,500On3MoreT1m3_$9,186

*includes bounty payments.

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