Someone Will Win a $100K Mystery Bounty Payout at 888poker Tonight

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888poker XL Winter Series

Reaching nan last array of a awesome online poker tourney is breathtaking for everyone involved, but nan excitement surrounding 888poker XL Winter Series Mystery Bounty Main Event last array is disconnected nan scale.

Not only is location a first-place prize worthy $82,618 up for grabs, but 1 of nan fortunate 8 finalists will destruct an opponent, unfastened nan aureate enigma bounty from their fallen foe's head, and uncover a monolithic $100,000 payout! The $100,000 enigma bounty is 1 of nan largest enigma bounties ever awarded successful nan online poker world.

The 888poker XL Winter Series Mystery Bounty Main Event drew successful 1,219 entrants crossed respective flights, resulting successful nan $1 cardinal guarantee being surpassed by $33,712. That bumper crowd is down to only 8 hopefuls, who return to conflict astatine 7:00 p.m. GMT connected January 30 to reason nan tournament.

PokerNews' unrecorded reporting squad will beryllium connected nan crushed from nan infinitesimal nan first cards are sounded until nan champion is crowned. You tin besides drawback each nan card-up action, from 8:00 p.m. GMT, connected 888poker's Twitch channel.

Huge Mystery Bounties Awarded; $100,000 Waits to beryllium Won

$500,000 worthy of enigma bounties came into play from nan commencement of Day 2, and location were immoderate whoppers sealed successful aureate envelopes. Five $10,000 bounties, 2 $25,000 bounties, a $50,000 and $100,000 were among nan astir sought-after enigma prizes.

"unluckeeeeee" whitethorn person busted successful 56th place, but not earlier claiming a $10,000 bountiy. "AlCunningham," "Winter__96," "Dynamon," and "BIG_BIN" besides helped themselves to $10,000 bounties; nan second is still successful contention for nan title and a $100,000 bounty arsenic they are seventh successful chips astatine nan last table.

Sixty-fifth spot finisher "tehnats" opened an letter cover containing $25,000, arsenic did "Cosmin1812" of Ireland, who is presently 2nd successful chips astatine nan last table.

The United Kingdom's "casual_win" fell successful 18th place, though they won't beryllium excessively bothered because they recovered nan $50,000 enigma bounty earlier their tourney ended.

Event #34: $888 Mystery Bounty Main Event Final Table Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds

"TAJJMAAKKHAL" and their 13 large blinds aside, nary of nan finalists are each that short-stacked, pinch nan adjacent shortest stack worthy 23 large blinds. Brazil's "Mapoker96" is nan overnight spot leader by immoderate distance. "Mapoker96" has 3,684,120 chips aliases 105 large blinds, complete doubly arsenic galore arsenic "Cosmin1812" successful 2nd place.

Having a comparatively deep-stacked last array mixed pinch 1 of nan 8 finalists having a $100,000 enigma bounty successful their letter cover intends this $888 buy-in tournament's last array should beryllium packed pinch action and play successful adjacent measure.

You tin find retired really nan last array goes down, who emerges victorious, and which 888poker subordinate reels successful that immense $100,000 enigma bounty by tuning into nan PokerNews Live Reporting pages aliases heading to nan 888poker Twitch channel connected January 30.

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