Ring in 2024 with Unmissable New Year's Promos at PokerStars

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2023 is coming to a close, but nan champion is yet to come.

Prepare to invited 2024 successful spectacular manner pinch a big of unbeatable end-of-year offers from PokerStars Casino. Embrace nan caller twelvemonth pinch 24 prize spins and a chance to triumph large successful nan New Year's Eve Sweepstake. It's nan cleanable measurement to observe nan play and group nan shape for an unthinkable twelvemonth of poker & casino gaming ahead.

Bag 24 Bonus Spins + Up to a $1000 Bonus astatine PokerStars Casino

Start 2024 pinch a bang and bask 24 prize spins to usher successful nan caller twelvemonth astatine PokerStars Casino. Explore a thrilling action of slot games, including festive favorites for illustration Piles of Presents and 9 Gifts of Christmas, arsenic good arsenic casino classics specified arsenic Fishin' Frenzy and Book of Dead.

And really would you for illustration to triumph $1000 connected New Year's Eve?

Don't worry, that was rhetorical.

Although Christmas Day whitethorn beryllium successful nan books for different twelvemonth by December 31st, PokerStars Casino still has a precocious coming fresh for its loyal players to unwrap.

Players qualifying for nan prize spins promotion will besides find themselves entered into nan New Year's Eve Sweepstake, a prize tie wherever everyone is guaranteed a New Year's Chest that has prizes including cash up to $1000, bonus spins, casino bonuses, and poker tourney tickets (including $300 main arena tickets to nan wintertime series)!

It's a awesome measurement to widen nan vacation cheer and perchance commencement nan caller twelvemonth pinch a thrilling win.

Wagering requirements for this turn-of-the-year promo are bully and easy; you request to travel these elemental steps:

  1. Either login aliases join PokerStars Casino and opt-in to nan promo.
  2. Wager $20 connected casino (accumulative) and play a $5 poker tournament.
  3. Receive 24 casino prize spins (worth .05 per spin)
  4. Automatically suffice for nan New Year's Eve Sweepstake, wherever you could triumph up to $1000 successful rate aliases $300 main arena tickets to nan PokerStars Winter Series!

As always, beryllium judge to cheque retired nan afloat T&C's astatine PokerStars Casino. Please bet responsibly.

pokerstars casino promo

What is nan PokerStars Winter Series?

If you've been reference nan article closely, you'll person noticed you tin triumph a $300 main arena summons to nan PokerStars Winter Series; however, you whitethorn beryllium wondering what this is.

The PokerStars Winter Series is simply a highly anticipated online poker arena featuring a ample number of tournaments pinch important guaranteed prize pools. The bid typically offers a assortment of buy-in tiers and attracts a important number of participants.

The 2024 version of nan Winter Series is group to beryllium nan biggest yet, pinch poker fans each complete nan world participating.

Get progressive coming by checking retired nan PokerStars tract aliases simply click nan image below.

winter series

New Sign-Up Offers astatine PokerStars Casino

Don't person a PokerStars Casino relationship and want to get progressive successful nan action?

Exclusive to caller customers, players will person to play either 1 rate crippled aliases stake conscionable $1 (yes, $1!) successful PokerStars Casino to merchandise $150 dollars of epic bonuses.

Over 5 days, PokerStars players will person nan pursuing by qualifying for nan bonus:

  • Day 0 - 2 x $5 Spin & Go tickets & 50 x $1 Spin & Go tickets
  • Day 1 - $10 casino instant bonus
  • Day 2 - 2 x $5 Spin & Go tickets & 1 x $10 ticket
  • Day 3 - $10 casino instant bonus
  • Day 4 - 2 x $10 ticket
  • Day 5 - $30 casino instant bonus

To get progressive successful this fantabulous connection that offers bonuses connected some poker & casino games, simply travel these steps:

  1. Register & opt-in to nan offer.
  2. Play 1 Cash Game manus aliases stake $1 connected casino.
  3. Claim $150 successful Bonus Play!

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