PokerStars Offers Epic Sports Road Trip to Red Spade Pass Winners in MI & PA

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PokerStars Red Spade Pass PA

Poker players successful Pennsylvania and Michigan will person their chance to people trips to spot their favourite teams play connected nan roadworthy successful nan latest PokerStars North America Red Spade Pass promotion.

Players successful some states tin gain entries from January 19-February 16, pinch 2 unsocial experiences disposable for 5 Red Spade Pass winners successful each state.

PokerStars RSPPokerStars Red Spade Pass will nonstop Michigan winners to Vegas for a Red Wings game.

For those successful Michigan, nan Red Spade Pass will return nan winners connected a roadworthy travel to Las Vegas, wherever they'll walk 3 nights pinch complimentary hotel, transportation, food, and drink. Red Spade Pass holders besides person 2 suite tickets to spot nan Detroit Red Wings return connected nan Vegas Golden Knights astatine T-Mobile Arena connected nan Las Vegas Strip.

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For players successful Pennsylvania, nan Red Spade Pass will nonstop fortunate winners to New York, wherever they will walk 3 nights successful nan Big Apple pinch complimentary hotel, transportation, food, and drink. Red Spade Pass holders will spot nan Philadelphia 76ers return connected nan New York Knicks successful nan little level astatine Madison Square Garden, on pinch an opportunity to bent retired pinch Sixers alumni.

How to Win

The sweepstakes are only disposable for players successful Michigan and Pennsylvania, and you tin gain up to 5 entries each time by doing nan following:

  • Wager $50 connected casino slots
  • Wager $50 connected array games
  • Stake $15 aliases much astatine Spin & Go tables pinch a minimum buy-in of $5
  • Play 50 rate crippled hands pinch $0.05/$0.10 buy-ins and above
  • Play a multi-table tourney pinch a buy-in of $20 aliases more.

Each introduction method tin beryllium completed erstwhile per time passim nan promotion.

Additionally, you tin participate nan promotion by sending a transcript of your valid U.S. photograph ID and a archive that contains your name, address, gender, age, email address, and PokerStars relationship personification sanction to nan sponsor astatine #1096 2230 Route 70 W STE 2, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002. Alternative entries must beryllium received during nan promotion period.

Check retired nan PokerStars website for much information.

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