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Elliot Roe A-Game Poker

In "A-Game Poker," Elliot Roe shares nan poker capacity strategy he created from a decade's worthy of acquisition coaching galore of nan champion players successful nan game. Whether you're an enthusiastic amateur aliases seasoned professional, A-Game Poker has thing for anyone looking to beryllium a semipermanent victor successful nan game.

About A-Game Poker

"Poker is simply a choice," it says successful nan preface of nan book. The choice, astatine slightest according to Roe, is to dainty poker arsenic a master athletics aliases to dainty it for illustration immoderate aged normal game.

If you're successful nan erstwhile campy past a book for illustration 'A-Game Poker' is correct up your street. It attempts to springiness you a model to conception your attack to poker astir and to turn nan required mindset towards being nan champion poker subordinate you tin be.

The book is divided into 4 parts:

  • A-Game Poker: Why implementing halfway principles is basal for semipermanent poker success
  • The Anatomy of an A-Game Player: Reveal cardinal systems, intelligence models and strategies utilized by nan champion players successful nan world
  • Becoming an A-Game Player: System and strategies that bring you from nan theoretical to nan practical
  • What's Holding You Back?: Uncover barriers and roadblocks that are holding you back

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The Fundamental Performance Question

Early connected successful 'A-Game Poker', Roe puts guardant nan Fundamental Performance Question: "What are nan champion players successful nan world doing to beryllium successful that I americium not?"

"What are nan champion players successful nan world doing to beryllium successful that I americium not?"

He brings this up disconnected nan backmost of a whistle-stop circuit done poker history from Texas roadworthy gamblers for illustration Doyle Brunson who pioneered aggression much than thing other and laid nan instauration for poker strategy arsenic we cognize it today, done nan infancy of televised poker that inspired a procreation and into nan online poker roar and modern poker pinch solvers, poker-training sites and database software.

The mobility is utilized to ram location nan constituent that answering this question, specifically successful narration to poker, will adjacent nan region betwixt you and nan apical poker players successful nan world.

The Six Levers

To thief reply this question, Roe introduces six levers that person a nonstop effect connected your poker results:

  • Skill
  • Edge
  • Efficiency
  • Volume
  • Stakes
  • Rake

By recognising which area you are failing at, and truthful which area is holding you back, you're capable to find wherever your efforts to amended should beryllium focused and really that tin thief you towards answering nan Fundamental Performance Question he posed earlier.

What Does it Take to Become an A-Game Player?

The astir useful portion of nan book comes successful Parts 3 and 4 wherever Roe not only focuses connected what it takes to go an A-Game Player, but besides what is holding you back.

Firstly, location are intelligence models connected crafting your imagination and creating a schedule template that is correct for you. Chapters connected substance and workout thatch you that there's activity to beryllium done distant from nan poker tables to fulfil your poker potential.

The book provides a pre-session protocol and a post-game audit that is surgery down into bite-sized chunks for players to beryllium capable to do each clip they play — beryllium it astatine nan unrecorded aliases online tables.

The book doesn't awkward distant from aspects of poker that are well-known to extremity a subordinate from reaching their ability: downswings, tilt, deficiency of slumber and deficiency of motivation. Each is covered successful turn, interspersed pinch Pro Case Studies that show real-life examples from immoderate of nan world's champion and really they dealt pinch it.

Whether it's Jason Koon admitting to being "triggered" astatine online thumps aliases strategy going retired nan model for Jon van Fleet erstwhile emotions sewage nan amended of him, it shows that moreover nan champion person weaknesses and it highlights nan steps they took to activity connected these areas.

Pro Case Studies

One of nan champion parts, successful our opinion, of 'A-Game Poker' is nan master lawsuit studies of a assortment of poker players that Roe has worked pinch complete nan years. You'll perceive first-hand from nan likes of Fedor Holz, Phil Galfond (who wrote nan foreword to nan book), Alex Foxen and Matt Berkey.

Matt BerkeyMatt Berkey features arsenic 1 of nan Pro Case Studies successful 'A-Game Poker'

All of nan Pro Case Studies are worthy a read, and you could capable a book pinch them alone, but Berkey's is possibly nan astir absorbing and a testament to nan effort required for players to go high-level professionals.

"Success is simple, but not easy"

"The large image takeaway for maine is really important it is not to disregard nan intelligence broadside of nan crippled [...] The existent enactment of showing up, executing and putting successful measurement is heavy rooted successful really emotionally unchangeable and mentally tenacious you are," Berkey says, adding "The champion players successful nan world [...] understand that changeless maturation is basal to support and summation their separator complete nan time."

We'll adjacent by mentioning 1 last Pro Case Study from high-stakes MTT master Benjamin "bencb789" Rolle who says "Success is simple, but not easy." In nan aforesaid way, truthful is poker, but A-Game Poker surely gives you nan devices that will perchance put you connected nan way to poker success.

About nan Author — Elliot Roe

After enrolling successful hypnotherapy school, Roe started moving pinch poker clients successful nan early 201s, utilizing nan crippled arsenic a instauration for processing mindset and capacity coaching strategies.

According to Roe, "Poker is 1 of nan astir robust environments erstwhile it comes to intelligence performance," and says that his work, which has included nan creation of nan Primed Mind app, has helped galore execute occurrence and study really to instrumentality a assortment of devices to their game.

A-Game Poker is simply a No.1 Best seller connected Amazon. It’s a awesome bargain for immoderate poker player, aliases arsenic a gift for personification you cognize who wants to improve.

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