Pocket Aces Capture Second Live Title for Miklos Zsuffa

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Miklos Zsuffa

Is location a amended measurement to commencement nan twelvemonth than pinch a triumph and to extremity nan tourney pinch aces? That is what happened for Miklos Zsuffa, crowned arsenic nan victor of nan €560 EAPT Bratislava Main Event astatine Banco Casino.

After he defeated a section of 389 entrants and Christoforos Chrysochoidis (€27,450) successful heads-up play, Zsuffa won nan trophy, nan first-place prize of €32,630, and a €5,000 package for nan $2,200 EAPT Grand Final, which will beryllium portion of nan Mediterranean Poker Party successful Cyprus from nan 2nd to nan 14th of May 2024. Chrysochoidis, Vili Paivarinta and Mario Alina, arsenic they vanished second, 3rd and 4th present successful Bratislava, besides won a package.

2024 €560 EAPT Bratislava Main Event Results

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (in EUR)
1Miklos ZsuffaHungary€32,630 + €5,000 Package
2Christoforos ChrysochoidisGreece€22,450 + €5,000 Package
3Vili PaivarintaFinland€15,600 + €5,000 Package
4Mario AlinaSlovakia€10,420 + €5,000 Package
5Rostyslav SabishchenkoUkraine€8,525
6Avraham SissoIsrael€6,200
7Ioannis GiannakopoulosGreece€4,925

Winner's Reaction

“I consciousness exhausted. It was a agelong day!” Miklos Zsuffa said moments aft he lifted nan trophy. For this master subordinate who’s been walking astir nan world for 18 years to play poker, this triumph sounds for illustration a relief. “Last twelvemonth was not very successful for me, truthful I felt rather unhappy for a agelong time. But I cognize unrecorded poker tin beryllium precocious variance,” he explained.

So, to commencement 2024 successful nan champion measurement possible, he came to Bratislava, not acold from his autochthonal Hungary. And it quickly turned retired to beryllium a bully choice, arsenic he ended up being nan wide spot leader aft nan 5 Day 1s, “despite 3 bullets”. Day 2 wasn’t bad either, arsenic he came backmost connected Day 3 2nd successful chips. “But erstwhile we moved to play nan last array astatine 9 players left, I mislaid a fewer hands and I didn’t person galore bully hands, truthful it was benignant of a rollercoaster. But erstwhile we came backmost to nan characteristic table, I was very lucky.
I won pinch ace-jack against ace-king pinch a jack connected nan flop, past with queen-jack. It took a bully move for me, that’s for sure!”

After Bratislava, Zsuffa will effort to triumph trophies successful Rozvadov adjacent week and successful Cyprus successful May, arsenic he won a €5,000 package for nan $2,200 EAPT Grand Final. “I had nary thought that location was a package,” he laughed. “But I’ll discover. I ne'er went to North Cyprus.” And possibly he’ll beryllium arsenic successful location arsenic he was successful Bratislava?

Miklos ZsuffaMiklos Zsuffa

Final Day's Action

Sixteen players retired of a section of 389 entrants were still successful nan title for triumph astatine nan opening of Day 3. But hopes of occurrence quickly vanished for 3 players eliminated successful nan first hour: Lukasz Fraczek (16th, €1,800), who saw nan ace he didn’t want to spot onshore connected nan river, Zsolt Szabo (15th, €2,050), who was caught bluffing, and Laszlo Vaczy (14th, €2,050).

Lukas Stopka (13th, €2,350) and Christoph Hillinger (12th, €2,350) didn’t scope nan first break either aft they were eliminated from nan characteristic table. And if Day 1b spot leader Adrian Filip came backmost from this break, it was only for a short clip arsenic he instantly mislaid a flip to extremity his title successful 11th spot (€2,750).

Short-stacked aft he mislaid a large cookware during nan first minutes of nan day, Ivo Zeravica doubled up doubly but yet ran into Rostyslav Sabishchenko’s queens to decorativeness successful 10th spot (€2,750), becoming nan bubble-boy of nan unofficial last table.

2024 EAPT Bratislava Main Event2024 EAPT Bratislava Main Event

“Unofficial finale table” because moreover though nan 9 remaining players were astir 1 table, 1 much elimination was still needed to move to nan characteristic table. It took 2 hours to determine who’ll beryllium near behind, but it turned retired to beryllium Antal Mezei (9th, €3,950) with 8 against Christoforos Chrysochoidis’ jacks.

Once connected nan “official” last table, Pelacho (8th, €3,950) was nan first 1 to beryllium eliminated, beaten by Mario Alina’s trips. He was followed astatine nan cashier by Ioannis Giannakopoulos (7th, €4,925) and by Avraham Sisso, who ran into queens to beryllium stopped successful 6th spot for €6,200. He mislaid against Rostyslav Sabishchenko… who was eliminated connected nan adjacent hand! With ace-king, he could do overmuch against aces and gave each his chips to nan early winner, Miklos Zsuffa.

Miklos ZsuffaMiklos Zsuffa

One and a half hours later, nan spot leader astatine nan opening of nan time Mario Alina only had 7 blinds near erstwhile he faced Vili Paivarinta successful an all-in and telephone situation. But Paivarinta flopped 2 pair and Alina won €15,410 for his 4th place. A prize that includes a €5,000 package.

The 3 remaining players had astir moreover stacks, and they each took nan lead astatine immoderate point, 1 aft nan other. Maybe Zsuffa attracted chips a small more, arsenic he started nan heads-up play arsenic nan spot leader aft Paivarinta (3rd, €20,600) pinch ace-jack was eliminated by Chrysochoidis’ jacks.

From this point, nan conflict for nan triumph was only 1 way. Even if Chrysochoidis double up, Zsuffa yet won nan EAPT Bratislava Main Event on nan adjacent manus pinch aces.

Miklos ZsuffaMiklos Zsuffa

That concludes nan PokerNews sum of nan 2024 EAPT Bratislava Main Event. Stay tuned for much updates from tournaments astir nan world.

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