PN Podcast: Cody Daniels Final Table; High Stakes Talk w/ Cates, Watson, Weisman & DeStefano

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On nan latest section of nan PokerNews Podcast sponsored by WPT Global, Chad Holloway, Connor Richards, and Matt Hansen recap nan recently-completed Borgata Winter Open, admit nan Anthony Zinno allegations, and dive into nan PokerGO Cup.

It was location that Connor chatted pinch Cody Daniels, who contempt terrible wellness issues ventured to Las Vegas to unrecorded his dream of playing a high-stakes tournament. Not only did he play, but he made nan last table! The unit past ventured crossed nan thoroughfare to a Bally's Live high-stakes rate game wherever we grabbed interviews pinch Daniel Cates, Mike Watson, Dylan Weisman, and Dylan DeStefano.

Other stories see Shaun Deeb closing successful connected a $1 cardinal assemblage fat prop bet, erstwhile PokerNews newsman Mo Nuwwarah winning an MSPT title, and remembering Perry Friedman, who precocious passed distant from pancreatic cancer.

Finally, they return a look up to some nan Celebrity Poker Tour Invitational II and CSOP "All successful for Epilepsy" connected Feb. 8, arsenic good arsenic Leigh Steinberg's 37th Annual Super Bowl Party, which PokerNews will attend. Hear nan crew's Super Bowl picks, and find retired wherever you mightiness beryllium capable to transverse paths pinch 1 of nan teams aft nan large game.

Listen to those stories and much connected nan latest section of nan PokerNews Podcast.

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