Nik Airball Rips Poker Vlogger for Tanking w/ Pocket Kings on Hustler Casino Live

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Nikhil "Nik Airball" Arcot, who wasn't moreover progressive successful nan manus to nan flop, lashed retired astatine poker vlogger Mariano Grandoli for taking excessively agelong to telephone an each successful stake pinch pouch kings during Friday's Hustler Casino Live stream.

There were immoderate mixed reactions to Airball's captious comments successful nan YouTube chat. Some felt it was silly for Mariano to vessel for complete 3 minutes pinch nan 2nd nuts, while others based on that Airball was retired of line.

How nan Hand Went Down

The arguable manus began pinch Airball raising to $300 from an early position pinch K♠Q♦ earlier Mariano, successful nan cutoff, made it $1,000 pinch K♥K♣. Henry past went for a four-bet to $4,000 pinch A♦Q♠ successful nan mini blind, forcing nan original raiser to fold.

With action backmost connected nan pouch kings, a raise to $11,500 was successful store. That didn't scare distant Henry, who moved each successful for $62,100 total. In this spot, pouch kings will almost ever call, usually a snap-call. But Mariano, who said he'd been moving poorly each week, was concerned that he could beryllium up against pouch aces. And fixed nan six-bet jam he was facing, that was surely a possibility, if not nan astir apt manus he was facing.

Still, nan likelihood of Mariano folding kings weren't great. But he went into nan tank, astir 3 minutes successful length, earlier of people making nan call, and past Airball went connected tilt upon seeing nan poker vlogger's cards.

"What are you doing?" Nik Airball asked Mariano, captious of nan lengthy vessel pinch pouch kings.

"F*****g hold 3 minutes to telephone disconnected pinch kings. What nan f**k are we doing?," nan Hustler Casino Live regular continued.

Mariano responded to nan tirade by informing Nik Airball that he "thought he had aces," to which Airball responded, "it's truthful retired of line, you're ne'er folding, it's a discarded of time."

"I've folded kings before," Mariano responded.

"You're ne'er folding for sixty-thousand, get nan f**k out," Airball fired back.

The feud would proceed pinch Mariano questioning why Nik Airball was still rambling connected astir nan tank. Once nan particulate settled, nan trader dealt 2 boards arsenic nan players agreed to tally it twice. On nan first run-out, nan cards came 2♥10♠3♠5♠9♠, giving Henry a flush and ensuring he'd triumph astatine slightest half nan $124,000 pot.

The 2nd committee of J♥7♥7♦J♦4♦ was safe for nan cowboys, truthful nan players chopped nan pot. Airball continued ripping connected Mariano into nan adjacent mates of hands, referring to nan vessel arsenic an "egregrious nit-roll."

Airball would spell connected to triumph $25,000 for nan convention and has slow been connected nan emergence connected Hustler Casino Live pursuing a lenthy unsmooth agelong connected nan show. Mariano mislaid $80,000 during nan watercourse but would scoop a $125,000 cookware off-stream nan first manus aft nan cameras stopped rolling.

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