Luck of the Irish: "Cosmin1812" Picks Up One Of Online Poker's Biggest-Ever Mystery Bounties

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888poker XL Winter Series

After a very little last array connected Day 3 of Event #34: $888 Mystery Bounty Main Event astatine nan 888Poker Winter XL Series, "Cosmin1812" of Ireland emerged arsenic nan large winner, scooping some nan apical prize of $82,619 arsenic good arsenic nan largest $100,000 bounty to bring their full winnings from nan tourney to a staggering $218,885. To put that successful perspective, they near pinch complete 20% of nan full $1,033,712 prize excavation generated by a 1,219-strong field, each that from a $888 first finance ($2,664 if you see their 2 re-entries).

Lithuania's "DominykasJ" took 2nd spot and a full payday of just $65,456, while Canadian "CheersMates" rounded retired nan podium successful 3rd for $53,864.

Event #34: $888 Mystery Bounty Main Event Final Table Results

RankPlayerCountryBountiesPrizeTotal Prize

Mystery Bounty Portion

As mentioned, tourney victor "Cosmin1812" walked distant pinch nan apical bounty but different players successful nan section besides managed to return advantage of nan bounty prizepool. They see 18th-place finisher "casual_win" ($53,466 successful bounties) and 65th-place finisher "tehnats" ($26,733 successful bounties).

Money Bubble

Outside of nan enigma bounty, nan regular prize excavation of $533,712 besides offered players a chance to spot a return connected their investment. That magnitude was divided amongst nan apical 144 finishers, pinch each guaranteed a minimum of $1,344. "raw_dawg" was nan individual unfortunate capable to autumn successful 145th place, bringing nan tourney into nan money.

Final Table Action

"Iroquois" was nan first casualty of nan last array successful eighth spot aft moving their jacks correct into nan ladies of "Cosmin1812". To adhd reproach to injury, they could only watch arsenic nan $100,000 bounty connected their ain caput was shipped to their opponent.

A fewer hands later, "LookAround" fell successful seventh spot aft they ran into a dominating ace of "Mapoker96". Not agelong after, "BIG_BIN" and "TAJJMAAKKHAL" were eliminated successful sixth and 5th place, respectively, nan erstwhile making an ill-timed leader call against "Cosmin1812".

Play continued astatine a accelerated pace, pinch "Cosmin1812" emerging arsenic a ascendant spot leader aft sending "Mapoker96" to nan obstruction successful 4th spot holding pouch rockets. They followed that up by winning a cardinal flip against "CheersMates" to bring nan tourney down to nan heads-up stage.

Starting pinch a much than 10:1 advantage, it did not return agelong for "Cosmin1812" to decorativeness disconnected "DominykasJ" successful 2nd spot to look arsenic nan overwhelming victor successful Event #34: $888 Mystery Bounty Main Event astatine nan 2024 888Poker Winter XL Series.

888poker XL Winter Series Complete Results

EventBuy-inEntrantsPrize PoolChampionPrize
#01 – Mini Opening Event$55793$40,000BrittneySpew$6,192*
#02 – Opening Event$1091,179$120,000optimusmov$10,441*
#03 – High Roller Opening Event$52591$50,000ddaubar$12,320*
#04 – PKO Mini$22580$11,600PMBogdan$2,165*
#05 – PKO$109185$18,500thechronic99$3,706*
#06 – Mystery Bounty Mini High Roller$55356$17,800marclatt$3,715*
#07 – Mystery Bounty High Roller$32092$27,600wowkit$9,136*
#08 – 6-Max Mini$22453$10,000Etrom33$2,000
#09 – 6-Max$109139$13,900lovelydonk$3,614
#10 – Super KO Mini$55$266$13,300sjae98$1,623*
#11 – Super KO$32070$21,000dkfdyulr$4,590*
#12 – PKO Turbo Deep Mini$22$515$10,300bu11ets4w1n$1,702*
#13 – PKO Turbo Deep$109113$12,000POTITOOOOOOOO$2,664*
#14 – Mystery Bounty Mini$55756$37,800andydalmas$3,375*
#15 – Mystery Bounty Micro$11$1,178$11,7801_Serj_1$1,307*
#16 – Mystery Bounty High Roller$525$87$50,000Hvalavam$12,869*
#17 – Mystery Bounty$109323$32,300alexdelf10$7,862*
#18 – Big Shot Mini$22418$10,000Brahmeiro$1,829
#19 – Big Shot$109128$12,800bucurestean$2,976
#20 – Mystery Bounty$1621,114$200,000doga10$17,159*
#21 – Turbo Deep Mini High Roller$55230Teippio94$2,547 
#22 – Turbo Deep High Roller$32053$20,000Sim0nkK$6,000 
#23 – KO Mini$22511$10,220Teippio94$1,396*
#24 – KO$109124$12,400LookAround$2,337*
#25 – PKO Mini$55285$14,250_WOLVES_$2,776*
#26 – PKO$32096$28,800Hxs87$7,513*
#27 – Big Shot 6-Max Mini$22456$10,000Guts92 
#28 – Big Shot 6-max$109106$12,000dkfdyulr$3,270
#29 – Mystery Bounty$55825$41,250Takter$3,560*
#30 – Mystery Bounty Mini$221,105$25,000Unmoved44$2,182*
#31 – Mystery Bounty High Roller$52596$50,000ddaubar$14,762*
#32 – Mystery Bounty$109521$52,100Tom "sheeeeeeeeet" Hall$6,140*
#33 – After Party$109136$15,000POTITOOOOOOOO$3,487
#34 – Mystery Bounty Main Event$8881,219$1,033,712Cosmin1812$218,885*
#35 – Mystery Bounty Mini Main Event$255,278$121,394tutuia20$8,635*

That wraps up sum of this event, but beryllium judge to support pursuing PokerNews arsenic its unrecorded reporting squad continues to supply broad sum of world poker events.

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