Konstantin Held Wins First-Ever WPT Cambodia Championship For $361,310

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Konstantin Held

The first World Poker Tour (WPT) show of 2024 took spot this period successful Cambodia and featured nan first-ever WPT Cambodia Championship, an arena that drew 760 players from 2 starting flights for a prize excavation of $4.6 million.

Konstantin Held earned $361,310 and nan title of first WPT Cambodia champion aft a three-handed woody pinch Joshua McCully (2nd - $277,291) and Florent Remi (3rd - $302,019). On apical of nan six-figure score, Held won a $10,400 spot into nan 2024 WPT World Championship astatine Wynn Las Vegas.

When asked really he felt astir nan win, Held told WPT he was "over nan moon."

“It has been an insane travel to extremity up heads up pinch a bully friend of mine," he said successful a winner's interview. "We conscionable enjoyed our time. We were each having a blast. And nan acquisition present was great. I emotion nan venue. I deliberation NagaWorld is great. It’s been astonishing to travel to Cambodia.”

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WPT Cambodia Championship Final Table Results

 1Konstantin Held$361,310*
 2Joshua McCully$277,291*
 3Florent Remi$302,019*
 4Motoyoshi Okamura$157,858
 5Amit Kaushik$118,906
 6Kyle Bao Diep$90,532
 7Jianfeng Sun$69,678
 8Kou Vang$54,212
 9Anthony Cierco$42,647

*Denotes three-handed deal

First WPT Cambodia Champion Is Crowned

The $3,500 buy-in WPT Cambodia Championship — nan first WPT Main Tour arena to beryllium held successful southeast Asia — drew 373 players of Day 1a and 387 connected Day 1b arsenic nan apical 95 finishers were paid. Some of those who made heavy runs see WPT champions Tony Dunst (14th), Valeriy Pak (57th), Masato Yokosawa (61st) and Punnat Punsri (89th).

Tony DunstTony Dunst

The last array included Anthony Cierco (9th - $42,647), Kou Vang (8th - $54,212) and Jianfeng Sun (7th - $69,678). The elimination of Motoyoshi Okamura successful 4th spot for $157,858 brought nan 3 remaining players to work together to flatten nan payouts and play for nan trophy and spot into nan WPT World Championship.

Remi was 2nd successful chips erstwhile nan woody was made but fell successful 3rd successful a flush-over-flush cooler against nan eventual champion, according to WPT updates.

Held was down successful chips arsenic he entered heads-up play but recovered an contiguous double pinch ace-king against McCully's ace-eight. McCully past recovered a double of his ain earlier Held pumped connected nan state to put his force connected fumes.

In nan last hand, McCully moved each successful pinch nine-seven and couldn't amended against Held's king-five arsenic nan second subordinate earned nan title of first-ever WPT Cambodia Champion.

 Joshua Mccully (left) and Konstantin Held (right) Joshua Mccully (left) and Konstantin Held (right)

“WPT Cambodia was a typical festival. Not only did it unfastened nan 2024 season, but it besides marked nan first clip nan Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup was presented successful Southeast Asia,” WPT CEO Adam Pliska said successful a property release. “Konstantin will everlastingly beryllium nan first subordinate to declare a WPT Champions Club title successful nan region.”

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*Photos courtesy WPT & Joe Giron.

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