Jamie Le Crowned King of the 888poker UKPL Coventry Main Event

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Jamie Le

Casino technology - The inaugural 888poker UK Poker League (UKPL) Coventry Main Event has crowned its worthy champion, and Jamie Le is that man. The £560 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em Main Event drew successful 371 entrants, and Le outlasted them all. His reward? The title of champion and £37,605.

Le has immoderate awesome results connected his unrecorded poker resume. In October 2022, he became nan Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) Luton Main Event champion, which earned him a career-best £95,630. A period later, Le was nan runner-up successful nan £550 GUKPT Blackpool Cup, a decorativeness bully for £27,730. His latest consequence anterior to nan triumph successful Coventry came successful nan 2023 GUKPT Luton Main Event successful June; he vanished 2nd for £61,600.

The apical 56 finishers successful nan UKPL Coventry Main Event saw a return connected their £560 investment. Some stellar names recovered themselves heading to nan cashier's desk, including James Williams, Charles Chattha, Mitch Johnson, Calogero Morreale, Christopher Johnson, Paul Haycock, and last array bubble boy Paul Rigg.

2024 UKPL Coventry Main Event Final Table Results


1Jamie Le£37,605
2Dan Laidlaw£27,880
3Arian Kashani£18,980
4Anthony Kennedy£12,335
5Archie Seaton£8,280
6Alex Todd£5,815
7Wendy Watson MBE£4,670
8Paul O'Callaghan£4,055
9Paul Whitehead£3,435

Paul Whitehead's clip astatine nan last array was constricted because he fell successful ninth place. You request to triumph your flips to return down poker tournaments, but it appears Whitehead didn't get that memo. He committed his past 5 large blinds pinch ace-king, and Anthony Kennedy looked him up pinch pouch nines. Whitehead flopped a king, but nan committee ran retired pinch 4 spades, and Kennedy held nan 9 of spades to nonstop Whitehead home.

Kennedy past sent Paul O'Callaghan to nan sidelines successful different coinflip. O'Callaghan recovered himself all-in and astatine consequence pinch pouch fours against Kennedy's ace-queen. A queen connected nan move proved capable to trim nan subordinate count erstwhile more.

Seventh spot went to nan celebrated Wendy Watson MBE. Watson three-bet shoved for 12 large blinds pinch ace-ten, only for Le to telephone pinch nan dominating ace-jack. None of nan organization cards came to Watson's rescue, and nan Main Event was down to six players.

Those six became 5 erstwhile Alex Todd ran retired of steam. Todd made a play from nan fastener that saw his 17 large unsighted stack connected nan line. Unfortunately for Todd, nan reigning GUKPT Goliath champion, Arian Kashani woke up successful nan mini unsighted pinch ace-king. A committee sans jacks, and Todd toddled disconnected to cod sixth spot money.

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Archie Seaton's latest last array quality ended erstwhile he ran his pouch jacks into nan kings of Kashani. A king successful nan model near Seaton drafting thin, and he was drafting dormant connected nan turn. Seaton headed to nan rail, while Kashani soared to nan apical of nan spot counts pinch only 4 players remaining.

A conflict of nan blinds betwixt Kennedy and Dan Laidlaw did not move retired excessively good for nan former. Kennedy open-shoved 13 large blinds from nan mini unsighted pinch queen-three, and Laidlaw called from nan large unsighted pinch ace-seven. Laidlaw's manus held, and Kennedy collapsed out.

Heads-up was group pursuing nan demise of Kashani, who shoved 7.5 large blinds from nan fastener pinch king-nine, and Laidlaw called pinch ace-jack successful nan mini blind. A jack connected nan flop and an ace connected nan move busted Kashani.

Laidlaw went into heads-up pinch a 32 large unsighted to 23 large unsighted advantage complete Le, but Le caught up past had Laidlaw connected nan ropes. The last manus saw Le moved all-in pinch ace-king, and Laidlaw make a guidelines for his past six large blinds pinch jack-ten. An ace connected nan flop and different connected nan move busted Laidlaw successful 2nd spot for a career-best £27,780, leaving Le to get his hands connected nan winner's trophy and £37,605.

Other UKPL Coventry Results

UK Poker League

Mohammed Hussain was nan biggest victor extracurricular nan UKPL Coventry Main Event courtesy of coming retired connected apical of a 103-strong section successful nan £1,100 High Roller. Hussain padded his bankroll pinch £23,800, nan largest of his unrecorded profession to date.

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£1,100 High Roller103Mohammed Hussain£23,800
£250 Voyage449Xu Hang£20,130
£400 Big Shot42Nathan Jones£5,415
£200 The Closer62Justin Devonport£2,500
£150 Seniors46Richard Cox£2,130
£150 PLO71Dryosh Rossookh£2,000

888poker UK Poker League (UKPL) Schedule

The adjacent UKPL show is correct astir nan corner, pinch nan fledgling circuit heading northbound of nan separator to nan Grosvenor Casino Edinburgh successful bonny Scotland. Online satellites are disposable correct now connected some Grosvenor Poker and 888poker.

DatesUKPL Festival

February 13-18Grosvenor Casino Edinburgh
March 5-10Grosvenor Casino Luton
April 16-21Grosvenor Casino Manchester Bury New Road
August 27-September 1Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate
September 24-29Grosvenor Casino Victoria, London
October 10-21Grosvenor Casino Coventry
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