Hermann Schweiger Stages Incredible Comeback in The Hendon Mob Winter Championships Main Event

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Hermann Schweiger

Lottery technology - Hermann Schweiger of Germany has taken nan title astatine The Hendon Mob Winter Championships Main Event astatine nan Grand Casino, Liechtenstein, aft overcoming a 4:1 spot shortage successful his heads-up conflict against Nicola Diaco.

Diaco had led nan section arsenic spot leader from Day 1a and almost took a wire-to-wire victory, having laid discarded to astir of nan last table, but yet came up conscionable short.

Schweiger outlasted nan 506 runner section and, for his victory, took location nan sum of 30,900 CHF and a package to The Hendon Mob Championship Event successful Cape Town successful November 2024, on pinch nan trophy and belt.

2024 350 CHF THMWC Main Event Final Table Results

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (CFH)Prize (USD)

1Hermann SchweigerGermany30,900 + package$35,414
2Nicola DiacoItaly19,400$22,234
3Stefan FinkAustria13,880$15,906
4Boro SkalonjaSwitzerland10,970$12,571
5Michele FalconeItaly8,570$9,821
6Marius WolfGermany6,760$7,747
7Hao LiuSwitzerland5,060$5,798
8Zita FarkasHungary3,580$4,102
9Daniel SchwitterSwitzerland2,860$3,277

Winner's Reaction

PokerNews sat down pinch nan champion to talk his triumph.

Schweiger, who described himself arsenic "a very enthusiastic amateur" player, confirmed he felt "great, truthful pleased, this has been a agelong clip coming", noting that his past five-figure people had travel each nan measurement backmost successful 2014.

He continued "on Day 1 I had 1 of those days you dream about, everything went my way, I was driving group crazy astatine nan array and everything I did worked."

In position of plans for his winnings, Schweiger chuckled and stated he has his first WSOP travel planned for Las Vegas this summertime and that he was "on nan verge of canceling my edifice this week arsenic I wasn't judge I had nan bankroll, but past I decided I would conscionable person to caput to The Hendon Mob arena successful Liechtenstein and triumph it."

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Fortunately for him, that is precisely what he managed to do, and Schweiger confirmed he would beryllium ticking disconnected playing nan Main Event this twelvemonth from his bucket list. Schweiger besides praised nan tourney successful general, stating he thought nan building was fantabulous and superbly organized and that he really enjoyed nan wide atmosphere.

Final Table Recap

Nine players returned for nan last table, and Diaco had a reasonable spot lead complete nan field. He soon group astir expanding it, knocking retired Daniel Schwitter successful ninth having, turned a flush against Schwitter's apical set.

Daniel SchwitterDaniel Schwitter

Zita Farkas, who came into nan last array arsenic nan short-stack, departed successful eighth aft she ran her pouch nines into Diaco's pouch jacks.

Zita FarkasZita Farkas

Schweiger past disposed of Hao Liu successful seventh successful a cooler arsenic Liu's pouch kings came up against Schweiger's pouch aces.

The knockouts kept coming quickly arsenic Boro Skalonja knocked retired Marius Wolf successful sixth pinch a group of twos. Diaco past disposed of nan by now short-stacked Michele Falcone successful fifth.

Diaco past eliminated Skalonja successful 4th successful a blind-on-blind battle, and Diaco besides saw disconnected Stefan Fink successful 3rd erstwhile his king-high overtook Fink's ace-high connected nan committee successful different all-in situation.

Stefan FinkStefan Fink

Having eliminated 5 of his opponents, Diaco entered heads-up pinch a 4:1 spot advantage complete Schweiger. However, Schweiger began nan fightback immediately, doubling up pinch ace-queen versus Diaco's king-ten.

Schweiger's jacks past held versus Diaco's ace-king successful different all-in and telephone situation, and each of a sudden, nan roles had been wholly reversed, pinch Schweiger holding a 5:1 spot lead.

Schweiger would not relinquish nan lead, and erstwhile Diaco moved each successful pinch four-three, and Schweiger woke up pinch pouch fives, it was each over, and nan title and 30,900 CFH first prize were heading to Germany pinch Schweiger.

That concludes PokerNews sum of nan The Hendon Mob Winter Championship Main Event, but beryllium judge to enactment tuned for much sum of tournaments crossed nan world.

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