Exclusive PokerNews 888poker Freeroll Passwords for February 2024

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PokerNews Freerolls connected 888

If you're looking for 888poker freeroll passwords, you've travel to nan correct place! PokerNews has collaborated pinch 888poker to connection our readers immoderate awesome added worth freerolls successful February, pinch nan first freeroll kicks disconnected connected 4th Feb.

The freerolls are password protected, and nan passwords tin beryllium recovered connected our exclusive PokerNews Discord Channel. By joining america connected Discord, you springiness yourself a chance to get your hands connected immoderate unthinkable added worth astatine 888. All that is required for you to play successful these freerolls is an progressive 888poker relationship and to beryllium a scholar of PokerNews.

Head to nan 888poker tourney lobby and look for “PokerNews” successful nan restricted conception of nan tourney listings. The first freeroll successful February, nan PokerNews Discord Freeroll, shuffles up and deals astatine 8:00 p.m. GMT connected February 4th and sees you beryllium down pinch 3,000 chips and play to a ten-minute timepiece wherever nan blinds commencement astatine only 15/30. That's 100 large blinds to conflict with! The building is superb for a free-to-play tournament; having a $150 prize pool serves arsenic an added bonus.

The freeroll besides offers 30 minutes of precocious registration, truthful if you are incapable to make it for nan charismatic start, past do not worry. You'll besides announcement that each freeroll tourney is played arsenic No-Limit Hold'em, truthful if you are caller to nan game, past caput complete to nan Texas Hold'em rules page to get to grips pinch nan basics and trial your caller learnings.

As mentioned above, each of nan freerolls are password-protected, truthful really do you person nan password? All of nan passwords are revealed connected the caller and improved PokerNews Discord server 48 hours earlier each freeroll kicks off. If you are not portion of our Discord transmission (you should beryllium because it is nan spot to beryllium for PokerNews contented and giveaways), you will find nan password connected our societal media channels a fewer hours earlier nan freerolls commence.

PokerNews Discord

PokerNews Freeroll Schedule

The first PokerNews Discord Freeroll is connected February 4 and is followed each and each Sunday successful February, pinch each offering $150 added to nan prize pool, and arsenic introduction is constricted to PokerNews readers, your chances of stepping distant pinch a portion of nan pastry are amended than successful different freeroll tournaments.

DateTime (GMT)NameAdded Prize Money
Sun 4 Feb8:00 p.m.PokerNews Discord Freeroll$150
Sun 11 Feb8:00 p.m.PokerNews Discord Freeroll$150

But that's not all!

On apical of that PokerNews are offering an exclusive MTT, nan PokerNews Discord Showdown, connected Sunday 25th February astatine 8:00pm BST for each PokerNews Discord members. The tourney is password protected and nan password will beryllium disposable successful nan 888poker transmission of nan PokerNews Discord.

This tourney has an $11 buyin and a $500 GTD prizepool, and gives each players 5,000 tourney chips and ten-minute unsighted levels and sees PokerNews offering our readers $1,100 successful added value connected 888poker successful nan period of February.

DateTime (GMT)NameGaurenteed Prizepool
Sunday 25th February8:00 p.m.PokerNews Discord Showdown$500

$88 Free Plus a $400 Welcome Bonus

Now is nan cleanable clip to subordinate 888poker if you person not already done so. Download 888poker via PokerNews, create your free account, and 888poker will springiness you a free $88 worthy of rate crippled and tourney tickets – this is simply a free £20 for residents of nan United Kingdom – conscionable for reaching this stage.

Your first deposit is matched 100% up to $400 successful nan shape of a releasable bonus. You person 90 days to merchandise arsenic overmuch prize arsenic you can. Contact 888poker support for much details.

For poker freerolls, tourney tickets and more, join Club PokerNews for free!

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