Commerce Casino Will Host 2024 WSOP Tournament of Champions

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WSOP Poker Commerce

In what mightiness travel arsenic a astonishment location to immoderate poker fans, nan 2024 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Tournament of Champions will tally astatine nan legendary Commerce Casino successful Los Angeles May 22-24.

The arena will return spot during nan May 10-24 World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) series, which ends nan 2023-2024 season, conscionable days anterior to nan commencement of nan 2024 WSOP successful Las Vegas.

“For years, nan Commerce has been nan location of poker successful Los Angeles and 1 of nan starring paper rooms successful nan world,” said Ty Stewart, Senior Vice President & Executive Director of nan WSOP. “We look guardant to kicking disconnected our caller strategical narration pinch a typical WSOP Circuit finale and nan Tournament of Champions bracelet event. We besides look guardant to qualifying much players from Los Angeles for nan WSOP Main Event than ever before.”

Commerce Circuit and TOC Details

Those who won Circuit rings passim nan twelvemonth are eligible for nan Tournament of Champions $1 cardinal freeroll astatine Commerce. But location are different intriguing events connected nan schedule astatine nan Southern California paper room. That includes a bid opening $600 Housewarming No-Limit Hold'em two-day ringing event, which features a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool.

The WSOP Circuit Los Angeles Main Event, a $1,700 buy-in tournament, promises astatine slightest $1 cardinal successful nan pot, 1 of 2 seven-figure events during nan series. In total, location will beryllium 18 golden rings up for grabs from May 10-24, pinch $1.75 cardinal guaranteed wide (excluding nan TOC).

During nan last 2 days of action, nan WSOP will beryllium giving distant $11,000 packages to compete successful nan 2024 WSOP Main Event astatine nan Horseshoe successful Las Vegas. The package includes a $10,000 spot into poker's astir prestigious yearly event, on pinch $1,000 for recreation expenses. Last-chance outer tournaments will return spot astatine Commerce, pinch nan winners receiving those valuable packages.

Ronnie Day won nan Tournament of Champions past twelvemonth successful Las Vegas during nan 2023 WSOP for $200,000. Benjamin Kaupp closed retired nan WSOP successful 2022 by winning nan tournament for $250,000, besides astatine Horseshoe (Bally's astatine nan time). But this year, nan freeroll is moving a spot further westbound to Los Angeles and 1 of nan astir iconic poker rooms successful nan world.

  • Ronnie Day Reigns Supreme successful Event #4: Tournament of Champions ($200,000)
  • Benjamin Kaupp Wins Tournament of Champions to Close Out 2022 WSOP ($250,000)
  • WSOP Paradise Main Event Winner to Take Home One-of-a-Kind Bracelet
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