Arkansas High School Teacher Wins $73K as RunGood Poker Series Kicks Off 2024 Season

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Todd Tucker

Casino technology- After 3 days of play, nan RunGood Poker Series $800 Main Event present astatine Hard Rock Hotel and Casino successful Tulsa, Oklahoma has travel to a adjacent aft almost 11 hours of play connected nan last day. The full number of players from each 3 flights came to 558 entries, creating a $390,600 prize excavation that almost quadrupled nan $100,000 guarantee.

After navigating done a reliable last day, it was Todd Tucker who emerged victorious aft defeating David McFeely heads-up to declare nan title, nan title ring, and nan $73,242 first-place prize. Adding to nan champion's purse successful a large measurement is nan summation of nan Dream Seat package, which provides a afloat recreation package and a spot to nan Dream Seat Invitational, nan victor of which will beryllium entered into nan televised PokerGO Tour Championship $1,000,000 Freeroll. This is simply a 64-player capped field, meaning Tucker could parlay this triumph into superior money.

This is nan second-highest people for Tucker, arsenic nan precocious schoolhouse mathematics coach placed 4th successful a WSOP Circuit main arena past July for $97,797. When asked if he had immoderate plans for his winnings, he replied:

“Oh no, not really, I'm conscionable a family man from Arkansas...I grew up successful Boonesville, Arkansas, I unrecorded successful Van Buren, Arkansas, and I thatch successful Alma, Arkansas. And I've sewage 2 girls who are progressive successful each sorts of things, truthful astir of nan money will beryllium spent connected them.”

The proud Arkansas autochthonal surely is simply a family man, arsenic he was sporting a bracelet made by his 2 daughters, and nan coin he was utilizing arsenic a paper protector was different gift from them from a Catholic teacher’s organization.

RGPS Tulsa Final Table Results


1Todd TuckerVan Buren, AR$73,242
2David McFeelyBolivar, MO$49,098
3Joshua BrowerTulsa, OK$36,170
4Duster EllisPapillion, NE$26,912
5Chris BaumhoerBentonville, AR$20,272
6James TraberEdmond, OK$15,468
7Zachary SmithMena, AR$11,952
8Todd NicholsEdmond, OK$9,335
9William McCrackenBolivar, MO$7,382

Todd TuckerTodd Tucker

Action connected nan Day

When nan 69 players who returned to play nan Day 2 convention took their seats, nan action started from nan onset and showed nary signs of slowing down arsenic a flurry of eliminations saw nan section trim from 69 down to 27 wrong conscionable a mates of hours. Ashley Frank and Jared Ward deed nan obstruction astatine this constituent arsenic they exited successful 39th and 38th for $2,031. From there, stacks were a small deeper and play began to find a somewhat slower pace. During nan adjacent level, Daniel Lowery (26th- $2,344) and Papa Karn (19th- $3,281) reported to nan rail. Next to spell was PoY points leader Brian Winter arsenic he padded his stats pinch different heavy run, exiting successful 15th spot for $3,906.

Brian WinterBrian Winter

Final Table Action

The last array of 9 was still reached comparatively early successful nan nighttime but would return up nan mostly of nan time arsenic everyone was eyeing nan title and nary 1 was consenting to spell retired easy. The last array sewage disconnected to a accelerated commencement pinch nan first 2 eliminations happening successful short order, nan first of which being William McCracken, who was eliminated erstwhile McFeely called his immense stream bluff-shove pinch conscionable a brace of sixes.

Exiting soon aft was Day 1 spot leader Todd Nichols, who ran his ace-ten into nan pouch aces of Duster Ellis to gain himself nan eighth-place payout of $9,335. The action past slowed measurement down until Zachary Smith shoved 43 large blinds pinch ace-ten into James Traber’s pouch tens and grounded to improve. He was near pinch little than a large unsighted and was eliminated successful seventh spot erstwhile he was forced successful from nan mini unsighted nan very adjacent hand.

It was almost an hr earlier different subordinate was mislaid and it was Traber who deed nan obstruction successful sixth place. He was nan 3rd subordinate successful a statement to exit holding ace-ten erstwhile Tucker flopped a group of nines. That’s erstwhile Tucker gained momentum and he went connected to sound retired Chris Baumhoer successful 5th and Duster Ellis successful 4th soon after. A fewer hands later, he knocked retired Joshua Brower successful 3rd erstwhile his king-queen trumped Brower’s ace-nine erstwhile he deed travel queens.

Heads-Up Battle

Once heads-up play began, Tucker held a 3:1 spot lead against McFeely, but aft a fewer cardinal hands, McFeely closed nan spread and moreover took nan spot lead. However, this did not past agelong arsenic he misread his manus and jammed into Tucker pinch a brace of kings, 5 kicker. Tucker made nan telephone and flipped complete a brace of kings, but pinch a superior queen kicker and he was awarded a afloat double-up arsenic McFeely was near devastated. It only took a fewer much hands earlier Tucker sealed nan deal. He made a afloat house, and McFeely jammed erstwhile more, drafting dead. McFeely exited arsenic nan tournament’s runner-up, while Tucker was crowned nan champion.

The adjacent RunGood Poker Series kicks disconnected connected February 20 astatine Jamul Casino successful San Diego, California, truthful people your calendars!

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