Andrew Robl is Tearing Up Live Cash Game Streams; Up $3.156M in 2023

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Andrew Robl

It is usually poker tourney players that find themselves successful nan headlines aft helping themselves to a bumper score, capturing a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet, aliases lifting a coveted trophy aloft. Cash crippled players often alert nether nan radar, going astir their business successful a quiet yet deadly businesslike way. Andrew Robl is 1 specified rate crippled superstar, a subordinate who is successful profit to nan tune of $3,156,100 successful televised rate games, according to Highroll Poker Tracker.

Highroll Poker locator records and analyses results information from televised and live-streamed rate games from astir awesome poker broadcasts. Those broadcasts see High Stakes Poker, Hustler Casino Live, Live astatine nan Bike, No Gamble No Future, Poker After Dark, and more. According to Highroll Poker Tracker's data, Andrew Robl, known arsenic "good2cu" successful online poker circles, has accumulated a staggering $3,156,100 successful profit during 2023.

A Difficult Start to 2023

Andrew RoblAndrew Robl

Robl was absent from live-streamed and televised rate games successful 2023 until March 21, erstwhile he sat down and played a two-hour convention connected Season 10 Episode 9 of High Stakes Poker. The convention didn't spell awesome for Robl, arsenic he nursed a $35,900 loss.

Robl's appearances connected Episodes 10-12 of High Stakes Poker besides resulted successful losses, and he recovered himself successful a $182,400 hole astatine nan extremity of April.

Matters became worse for nan Las Vegas resident aft he posted a $66,500 nonaccomplishment during Episode 3 of Bally Live Poker. It could person been overmuch worse, though, because Eric Persson (-$241,900) and Rob Yong (-$412,800) near that crippled pinch gaping holes successful their bankrolls.

In mid-July, Robl featured successful Season 3 Episode 1 of No Gamble No Future. It was a superior grind for nan rate crippled guru, pinch him locking successful a $500 profit for his two-hour session, aliases a solitary mini blind. Matthew Gonzales dominated that session, stepping distant pinch a $166,000 profit, leaving Persson, Patrik Antonius, Yong, and Markus Gonsalves successful nan red.

A week later, Robl pulled himself retired of a spread and put his net into nan achromatic courtesy of a $242,000 profitable convention connected Season 3 Episode 2 of No Gamble No Future.

Eight of Robl's adjacent 10 live-streamed rate games ended pinch him padding his bankroll pinch immense sums of money, particularly connected No Gamble No Future wherever he enjoyed wins of $10,500, $275,000, and a whopping $652,000. While Robl will look backmost fondly connected that peculiarly profitable session, Persson will want to hide it because he locked successful a staggering $958,000 nonaccomplishment for nan night!

More large wins followed, including a convention yielding $188,600 profit astatine nan 2023 High Stakes Cash Game Episode 4 – WPT Cash connected December 15. Amazingly, Robl was only nan 3rd biggest victor successful that crippled because Garrett Adelstein banked $254,800 while Charles Yu ran hotter than nan sun and reeled successful $331,000 complete nan people of three-and-a-half hours.

Biggest Winners of 2023

Tom DwanTom Dwan was nan second-most profitable subordinate successful 2023

Unsurprisingly, pinch $3,156,100 profit, Robl is nan biggest victor successful live-streamed and televised rate games successful 2023, according to Highroll Poker Tracker. However, 4 different players person improved their financial business by 7 figures, too.

Tom Dwan came retired connected apical to nan tune of $2,737,600 while Jean-Robert Bellande's $1,811,400 profit places him 3rd successful nan large winner's list. Hasan Onay whitethorn person only featured for 20 hours successful 2023, but those 20 hours were ridiculously profitable, earning him $1,751,000.

The prolific Ethan Yau was nan 5th $1 million+ winner, netting $1,138,920 complete nan people of 118 hours.

NameHours playedNet winningsHourly rate
Andrew Robl64.50$3,156,100$48,932
Tom Dwan64$2,737,600$42,775
Jean-Robert Bellande75$1,811,400$24,152
Hasan Onay20$1,751,000$87,550
Ethan Yau118$1,138,920$9,652

Unluckiest Players of 2023

Tan XuanTan Xuan dropped complete $2.6 cardinal successful 2023

Of course, if personification is winning astatine poker, it intends personification other is losing. Tan Xuan was nan unluckiest subordinate of nan year, losing $2,632,000 complete a specified 23 hours. Indian businessman Santhosh Suvarna dropped $2,526,350 astatine nan rate crippled tables, while Eric Persson was relieved of $2,277,850 successful 2023.

The United Kingdom's Rob Yong ended nan twelvemonth successful a $1,497,200 hole, while Wesley Fei saw $1,494,985 time off his slope account, though he did play for 201.50 hours putting him successful nan apical 15 successful thing positive!

NameHours playedNet lossesHourly rate
Tan Xuan23$2,632,000-$114,435
Santhosh Suvarna96$2,526,350-$23,316
Eric Persson101$2,277,850-$22,553
Rob Yong104.501,497,200-$14,327
Wesley Fei201.50$1,494,985-$7,419

Most poker players are taking a well-earned remainder correct now pinch nan vacation play upon us. Who are your predictions for having a stellar 2024 erstwhile nan high-stakes rate crippled action resumes successful nan New Year?

Data courtesy of Highroll Poker Tracker. PokerNews does not vouch for its accuracy

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