A House is on the Cards for GGPoker UKPC Main Event Winner Jack Solomon

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Jack Solomon

Jack Solomon has been crowned nan champion of nan 2024 GGPoker UK Championships Main Event astatine Dusk Till Dawn, taking location £96,130, aft a woody pinch heads-up force Yong Foo.

The woody resulted successful Solomon taking location £80,130, but he wasn't contented to extremity location and claimed nan remaining £16,000 astatine liking and nan trophy aft his seven-high consecutive secured triumph against Foo's six-high straight.

Solomon overcame nan 1,258-entry section and claimed nan lion's stock of nan £603,840 prize pool, sending his obstruction from Skegness into raptures.

This triumph has surely boosted Solomon's HendonMob, pinch his only erstwhile recorded consequence being a rate triumph successful February 2023 for $431.

2024 £560 UKPC Main Event Final Table Results

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (£)
1Jack SolomonUnited Kingdom£96,130*
2Yong FooUnited Kingdom£69,870*
3Jean-Emmanuel LhuillierUnited Kingdom£44,000
4Anthony BrownUnited Kingdom£30,640
5Sunil MistriUnited Kingdom£21,500
6Marc FogginUnited Kingdom£16,500
7Philip BakerUnited Kingdom£13,000
8Daniel GolderUnited Kingdom£10,500
9Tom MiddletonUnited Kingdom£8,500

*Indicates heads-up deal

Winner's Reaction

PokerNews managed to drawback a speedy connection pinch nan champion, who confirmed he was "Feeling great, if a spot tired" and was perfectly ecstatic astatine taking nan title.

When asked if he had immoderate plans for his winnings, Solomon stated, "It'll astir apt spell towards a house" and his family, stating his woman had been connected nan telephone successful tears, overjoyed astatine his victory, and that he couldn't hold to show his 2 young children successful nan morning.

Solomon besides thanked his rail, who travelled down from Skegness, Lincolnshire, coming to support him, confirming, "They decidedly helped maine get complete nan line."

Yong Foo vs Jack SolomonThe Winning Hand

Day 3 Action

Just 22 players returned for Day 3, pinch Guy Taylor nan first subordinate to exit aft losing nan classical title of ace-king versus Sunil Mistri's queens.

The knockouts came quickly successful a frantic commencement to nan day, arsenic Dominic Cugudda, Daniel Whitbread and Florian Duta each fell by nan wayside earlier nan last table.

Solomon's tally to glory genuinely began to summation momentum erstwhile he cracked nan aces of Tom Middleton pinch a rivered flush.

The spot leader going into Day 3, Chris Da Silva, exited successful 11th spot soon aft losing a immense cookware against Solomon aft moving ace-king into aces, and nan last array was yet group erstwhile Scott Boyle ran into nan aces of Anthony Brown.

Solomon was conscionable down spot leader Brown arsenic nan last array began, pinch those players having a reasonable lead complete nan remainder of nan pack. Middleton was nan first to exit successful ninth arsenic Solomon sent him to nan obstruction pinch a nine-high flush.

It was astatine this constituent that Foo gained immoderate momentum, arsenic Daniel Golder quickly followed successful eighth arsenic he mislaid a title against his pouch tens.

Philip Baker subsequently ran his pouch tens into nan pouch queens of Jean-Emmanuel Lhuillier to depart successful seventh.

Marc Foggin vanished sixth aft Foo rivered a one-card ace-high flush against Foggin's tens. Solomon past knocked retired nan short-stacked Mistri successful fifth.

Brown exited successful 4th aft he ran into Foo's pouch aces, and Solomon vanished disconnected Lhuillier successful 3rd arsenic his ace-eight suited held against Lhuillier's queen-seven suited.

The players past agreed nan aforementioned woody and Solomon, who entered heads-up play pinch a 3:1 spot advantage, soon vanished disconnected Foo to return nan trophy and nan remaining £16,000.

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