888poker LIVE Madrid: Ain't No Place Like Home for Manuel Ledesma

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January 30, 2024

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Manuel Ledesma

An breathtaking week of action astatine 888poker LIVE Madrid has travel to an end, but not without a storybook decorativeness for Spain’s Manuel Ledesma nether nan agleam lights of nan last array astatine his location poker room.

After starting nan last time arsenic nan short stack pinch conscionable 10 large blinds, nan Madrid resident battled his measurement backmost astatine Casino Gran Via, staying live respective times earlier finishing nan nighttime holding nan coveted €888 Main Event trophy and taking location €58,000. The triumph was a trial of his endurance, arsenic he survived nan Day 1b turbo earlier bagging astatine nan extremity of 11 much levels of play connected Day 2.

"I'm really happy, honestly, " Ledesma said aft his victory. "I'm a small tired because it was a batch of hours successful a row. I came present playing nan turbo, and it’s each day, 15 hours successful a statement playing, but well, I'm very happy, honestly, really happy."

Ledesma outlasted a section of 435 entries crossed 4 starting flights to return nan largest information of nan €333,905 prize pool. The last first-place prize was decided aft a heads-up woody pinch runner-up Juan Lyons, who earned €52,000 for his efforts.

"I'm playing regularly present successful Gran Via" continued Ledesma."I don't person overmuch clip to recreation aliases do circuits, but I could play large festivals for illustration nan ones here." Although he had antecedently earned larger scores successful his poker career, not overmuch tin apical nan emotion of winning astatine home.

€888 Main Event Final Table Results

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (EUR)
1Manuel LedesmaSpain€58,000 *
2Juan LyonsSpain€52,000 *
3Ramon FernandezSpain€32,500
4Borja DiazSpain€24,300
5Guillermo SánchezSpain€18,205
6Mateo CalzoniItaly€13,700
7Greg CampbellUnited Kingdom€10,000
8Carlos Perez-DosioSpain€8,000

* Indicates heads-up deal

Final Table Action

The time began pinch Ledesma nursing nan short stack retired of nan last 9 players, but he was capable to debar problem early while seeing others deed nan rail. George Chiriac was nan first to autumn successful ninth spot erstwhile his ace-king ran into nan pouch aces of Carlos Perez-Dosio.

It did not return agelong for Perez-Dosio to make his exit arsenic nan adjacent to go successful eighth spot, while Greg Campbell shoved an inferior ace to extremity his tally successful seventh. Action slowed a spot earlier Mateo Calzoni ran his pouch fours into queens against Lyons to deed nan obstruction successful sixth position. From there, nan title was judge to beryllium won by a subordinate representing Spain.

By nan clip action was five-handed, Ledesma had already won a trio of all-ins to commencement building up his stack, but nan biggest 1 came adjacent against Guillermo Sánchez. Ledesma was capable to crack kings, signalling a downward move for his opponent. Sánchez recovered different brace of kings but mislaid erstwhile again, this clip for his tourney life successful 5th place.

The last manus earlier nan meal break saw Borja Diaz call disconnected pinch tens against Ledesma, who recovered aces to people nan knockout. After dinner, Ramon Fernandez and Lyons tangled successful a brace of large pots sitting broadside by side. Lyons caught his paper some times, nan second of which sealed a 3rd spot finish for nan start-of-day spot leader.

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Heads-Up Deal

Manuel Ledesma vs Juan LyonsManuel Ledesma vs Juan Lyons

Prior to heads-up play, Lyons held nan spot lead arsenic some players agreed to a deal. The statement still near €11,000 to play for and nan 888poker trophy.

Ledesma surged into nan lead early and ne'er looked back. Despite immoderate beardown play from Lyons, he could only negociate to dress up immoderate of nan crushed earlier calling disconnected against Ledesma’s flopped set of tens. It marked nan extremity of a awesome week of poker successful nan Spanish capital, pinch a hometown leader taking down nan title.

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